Ranju Darshana quits Bibeksheel Sajha Party as intraparty rift peaks

Ranju Darshana, who was once known publicly as an icon of  then Bibeksheel Party (BSP), has decided to quit the party amid growing intraparty disputes.

Darshana’s decision to renounce even the general membership of the party she founded as a team member comes a few days after the party’s Chairman Rabindra Mishra expelled the party’s coordinator Milan Pandey, stripping him of his general membership.

Issuing a press statement on Thursday, Darshana said she decided to quit active politics. She has said that she will now be active in politics only as an ordinary citizen.

Darshana has maintained that the recent development in the party had made her unable to cleanse politics in Nepal. “The party I am currently associated with has been causing excessive pollution under the garb of alternative politics in federal democratic Nepal. I tried to clean it but failed miserably. Thus, I cannot further increase pollution in Nepali politics by staying with the same organization,” she has said in the statement.

A BSP Secretariat member, Darshana resigned from the post by writing a letter to party chairman Mishra. She has alleged that the main leadership of the party was full of hypocrisy and the alternative politics that he was leading had already deviated from its course.  

Darshana was a founding member of the then Bibeksheel Party. She had also contested for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the last local level election from BSP.

Source: https://myrepublica.nagariknetwork.com/news/ranju-darshana-quits-bibeksheel-sajha-party-as-intraparty-rift-peaks/